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*New! Walking Calendar 2018

  1. 1 April 2018 - Junior Development Programme (JDP) - 1st Circuit - Open for registration now!
  2. 11 April 2018 - 1st Walk Clinic @ Stadium Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
  3. 12 April 2018- K.Lumpur Junior Walking Championship (KLJWC) @ Stadium Permaisuri Chears, KL - 1st circuit
  4. 12 April 2018 - 2nd Walk Clinic @ Stadium Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
  5. 27 June 2018- K.Lumpur Junior Walking Championship (KLJWC) @ Stadium Permaisuri Cheras, KL - 2nd circuit
  6. 7 July 2018 - Junior Development Programme (JDP) - 2nd Circuit
  7. 12 Sept 2018 - K.Lumpur Junior Walking Championship (KLJWC) @ Stadium Permaisuri Cheras, KL - 3rd circuit
  8. 6 Oct 2018 - Junior Development Programme (JDP) - 3rd Circuit 
  9. TBC - MKH Kajang Walk 2018

* Subject to Change 

** Kindly Contact Cikgu Abas 013-7705161 for KLJWC & Walk Clinic

Update: 4 March 2018




Download Photos / e-Certificate (12hr Walk & MKH Kajang Walk 1Hr)

Share us your feedback about the race at our Facebook/racewalkermalaysia

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MKH Kajang Walk 2017 - 1Hr

Congratulation and thank you once again to the MKH Kajang Walk 1hr Walk participants. We believe you had experienced the fun in conjunction with the 12hr walk. Do give us your feedback and let us know if we could continue for next year.
MKH Kajang Walk 2017_1hrs.pdf MKH Kajang Walk 2017_1hrs.pdf
Size : 376.019 Kb
Type : pdf



7 Oct 2017 - Final circuit of Junior Development Programme (JDP) has come to an end. With a total of 3 circuit, we would like to congratulate all the junior walkers who participated in today's event. Thank you once again to Nestle Malaysia by providing T-shirt, Medal and Drinks for the event. Not to forget the parents and the teachers who given the most support to the children in this race walking event.

JDP is a yearly event organised by RWAM, to groom and to seek potential junior walkers' interest on race walking.Those who missed this year race, do stay tune on our coming 2018 walking calendar.

You may now download the photos and result here:

JDP Second Circuit 2017

JDP First Circuit 2017

Updated: 10/10/2017



8 July 2017 - After the first circuit on 26/3/2017, JDP second circuit has once again successfully completed today. Congratulation to all the junior walkers who participated in today's event. Not to forget, a special thanks to Mr Peter Lessing & Ms Chris by giving away the prizes to the winners.

Of course the event wouldn't be successful without the support from Nestle Malaysia by providing T-shirt, Medal and Drinks for the event. Thanks to the parents and the teachers who given us the most support.

Don't forget our Final JDP circuit will be on 7 October 2017, Saturday. Registration is now open!

You may now download the photos and result here:

JDP 2nd Circuit 2017

JDP First Circuit 2017

Updated: 9/7/2017


Congratulation to all who has completed the MKH Walk 2016, and also the lucky draw winners. Here are the results as stated below, event photos can be (view here).

Please follow the steps to download your e-Certificate.

Step 1: Visit www.championchip.com.my/ click on MKH Walk 2016 Web Version.

Step 2: Search for your Bib Number / Name.

Step 3: Click [Certificate] to print or download your Certificate.

Step 4: Share and "LIKE" our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/racewalkermalaysia/)

We welcome all walkers to share your comments and photos of the race and also follow us to get the latest walking update activities for the coming 2017.

Thank you once again and we shall see you all next year 2017.


Updated: 25/11/2016



Dear participants, you may collect your number bib starting from the date stated below (Rules & Regu Claus 26). Please bring your confirmation slip The Marathon Shop (If any) or Identity Card (I/C) during collection. To collect on behalf of your friends, kindly show us the signed consent form.

Date    : 18 & 19 November 2016, Friday & Saturday
Time   : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Venue : Wisma MKH Berhad, Kajang Selangor

CLICK to Check your number Bib! 

Update: 5/10/2016



22 Oct 2016, Saturday - 3rd circuit Junior Development Programme (JDP) in sponsored by Nestle Malayisa (MILO) were successfully completed last week. With a total 33 juniors walkers from Klang Valley and all the way from southern region walkers came to participated this event. "It was a great event that we took part for the first time, traveling all the way from Batu Pahat Johor wasn't a problem and we are coming back again next year." said teacher from SMK Seri Medan.

Once again, well done to all walkers, hope to you again next year 2017.


Updated: 31/10/2016


 27 Aug 2016, Saturday - Well done and congratulation to all juniors by walking away cash prizes of (RM100/RM70/RM50/RM30/RM20). It's encouraging to see so many young talented walkers participating in this event, specially the walkers age below 12 years old. Keep up the walking spirit and we shall see you again on the final circuit on 22/10/2016, Saturday, same time & venue. Registration can be made at www.themarathonshop.com.my



16 July 2016, after a long holiday from Hari Raya. It's good to have a nice exercise. A group 35 junior & senior walkers participated in the first circuit today at Stadium MSN Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. With the new regulation, walkers can now win attractive cash prizes on EACH circuit (1st - 5th placing RM100/RM70/RM50/RM30/RM20) with a simple one time payment (RM30 below 15 years old & RM50 above 15 years old) for 3 circuits.

So why wait, keep fit, stay healthy and walk to win cash prizes. Registration is now open at www.themarathonshop.com.my

Click here for more 1st JDP photos

Click here for 1st JDP result  



Despite the heavy rain, we hope you enjoy the race and have experienced the fun and thrill walking throughout the 12 hours. 

On be half of RWAM, we thank you for the great support in making this event a success. Here are the results and photos, do drops us your valuable comments and share with us your photos in our Facebook

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See-ya next year 2016!

Please key in your Number bib in order to download the e-certificate, click here


7 November 2015, Final circuit Junior Development Programme (JDP) 2015 has finally ended at Stadium MSN Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

Click here for photos & result for the final circuit.

Updated: 10/11/2015


2 Aug 2015, Total 39 junior walkers participated the 2nd circuit today at Stadium MSN Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Special thanks to teachers from SJKC Jinjang Utara Kepong & SK Wangsa Jaya by encouraging the students to experience this walking competition.

Please be informed the next JDP is now brought forward from 21 Nov 2015 to 7 Nov 2015, Saturday. Venue and time remain the same and registration is now open at www.themarathonshop.com.my. 

Click here for more 2nd JDP photos

Click here for 2nd JDP result  


13 June 2015, RWAM organized its yearly Junior Development Programme (JDP) Circuit 1 at Stadium MSN Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. with total of 38 junior walkers age from 8 year old to 36 years old gather together 7.00am to share and to learn about race walking through competition. This event is sponsored by Nestle Malaysia with T-Shirt and milo drinks given to the participants.

The next JDP will be on 1 August 2015, registration is open at www.themarathonshop.com.my. 

Click here for more photos

Click here for result 

 RWAM Walking Clinic 2015 - Zone Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

22 May 2015, Coached by Cikgu Abas bin Kasim with 50 students from 7 primary and secondary schools around zone Keramat held their first walking clinic at Stadium Mini SK Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur.

The clinic started from 8.00am until 10.00am with a light warm up followed by an introduction about Race Walking.

"This is the 1st time we participated and we really thank RWAM for conducting this clinic, we experience a lot, especially learning the correct walking techniques" said Cikgu Tarmizi.

Student from SMK Kepong Baru who participated first time said "At the beginning we though it was difficult, but after few rounds of trying, it wasn't difficult at all!"

"We hope RWAM will continue to conduct more race walking clinics to the schools around Klang Valley, so that more talented walkers can be brought up" said Cikgu Faizol from SMK Raja Ali.

For more photos, please click here.

 e-Certificate-MKH Seremban Inter 12hr Walk

Congratulation to all the walkers who has completed the MKH Seremban International 12 Hour Walk 2014. On behalf of RWAM, we thank you for the great support to make this event a success.

The final result can now be viewed here and click here to view the photos. Please feel free to visit our Facebook to leave your comments on how you feel about the race.

Please key in your Number bib in order to download the e-certificate, click here.

Updated: 12/12/14


Final 3rd Circuit JDP 2014 - Result & Photos 

Final circuit JDP has successfully ended on 4 Oct 2014, Saturday. Total 31 walkers participated the final circuit JDP at Stadium Mini Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia by providing Milo drinks and T-shirt for the kids. 


Results and photos can be view here.

Click here for Photos 

Click here for 3rd Circuit Result / Overall 1+2+3 Circuit Winner Result


Updated: 30 Oct 2014

Wilayah Persekutuan Walking Championship (WPWC) 2014 - Circuit 1, 2 & 3

After the 1st & 2nd circuit on August 2014 and 12 September 2014. The final WPWC was organized on 15 Oct 2014, Wednesday, 7.00am at Stadium Mini Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. 

With a total of 43 walkers took part on the overall championship, the event ended successfully. Special thank to the schools teacher who have encouraged the students to take part in the walker event. 

With support from Nestle Malaysia, RWAM will continue to have more and fun walking activities in 2015. For more about WPWC, kindly contact Cikgu Abas 013-7705161 or email to cikgusukancemerlang@yahoo.com

Click here for full result 

Click here for photos: Circuit 1, 2 & Here for 3 Circuit photos.

Updated: 30 Oct 2014

 JDP 2014 - 2nd Circuit Results & Photos

14 June 2014, Saturday. Despite the low turn out rate on 2nd JDP, the walkers finished the walk with full of excitement & joy at Stadium Mini Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. With the new cash incentive and awards awaits them at the final circuit, we foresee walkers started to perform better results and techniques in walking. Thanks to Nestle Malaysia once again for the continuous support for the JDP.


Click here for more [Photos]

Click here for Final 2nd JDP [Results]

[Register Now] for the final Circuit 3rd JDP 2014

 JDP 2014 - 1st Circuit Results & Photos

5 April 2014, Saturday. Total 35 walkers participated the 1st circuit JDP at Stadium Mini Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Despite the heavy rain at the morning. The walkers patiently waited the rain to stop and continue with the race. Although the 1st circuit does not have any Personal Best Timing or Record Breaker, the walkers tired their best to walk for it. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia by providing Milo drinks and T-shirt for the kids.


For final result - Click Here

For more photos - Click Here

 Well Done Walkers!

MKH Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2013

We hope you enjoy the race and have experienced the fun and thrill walking 12 Hours. Here are the full results and photos. Do drops us your comments and share your photos in our Facebook page. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See-ya next year 2014!


  Click here for Result     I       Photos 


  Walk Clinic @ Seremban N.S Sembilan - 2

13 November 2013, Wednesday. Total 58 students (24 girls & 34 boys) from SK Pantai age 13-15 year old were being given a fruitful walking class by National Coach Jagjit Sign and coach Adanan. The clinic started early 7.30am at the school field. Each students were given T-shirt and Milo drinks sponsored by Nestle Malaysia.

Special thanks to Cikgu Shasi by inviting RWAM to this clinic and we hope the effort provided will gain interest to the students in the future.

Click here for more photos

1Malaysia 1KM Walking Competition 2013

It was another meaningful year for RWAM, the 1 Malaysia 1KM Walk ended cheerfully with the kids age under 12 years old. Thanks to the parents that brought their kids to Putrajaya early in the morning 6am to experience the walk. Total 34 walkers took part  we hope next year 2014 there will be more junior walkers participating the 1Malaysia 1KM Walk. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia by supporting this event.

Click here for more photos

Click here for full result

Updated: 14/12/13

 Walk Clinic @ Seremban N.S Sembilan - 1

22 October 2013, Tuesday. Great initiative from SMK St. Paul schools Head of Co-curriculum Ms. Shantini Lingam by inviting RWAM to conduct a walk clinic for their school. Neighboring Chinese & Indian primary school was also invited on that day to join in the clinic.

Total 35 students were coached by MSN Bukit Jalil Race Walking Coach Mr Jagjit Singh & 20 over years experienced in race walk En Adanan. Thanks to the sponsor 'Nestle Malaysia' by providing Milo T-shirt & Milo Drink for the students.

For public information, RWAM school walk clinic are Free of Charge, we welcome primary & secondary schools to approach us for 2014 calendar. Any enquires, kindly email to us and we are more than happy to answer your questions. 

Click here for more photos.

 3rd Junior Development Program (JDP) 2013 - Final

21 Sept 2013, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Well done to 39 walkers in completing the Final Circuit of 3rd Junior Development Program (JDP) 2013. Total RM4,600 worth of Cash Prizes + Certificates were being given away to the winners. Special thanks to our sponsors Nestle Malaysia by providing milo drinks and t-shirt for the participants.

Click here for Photos 

Click here for Full Result / Overall 1+2+3 Circuit Winner Result


Updated: 10 Oct 2013

 Wilayah Persekutuan Walking Championship (WPWC)2013

7 July 2013, Sunday. The 1st Wilayah Persekutuan Walking Championship (WPWC) took place at Stadium Mini Permaisuri, Kuala Lumpur. With a total of 22 junior walkers age below 12, 15 & 18 years old participated this event.

Cikgu Abas, committee member of RWAM headed this championship in join collaboration with Unit Sukan MSSWP said this walking competition is specially organized for schools around Wilayah Persekutuan. He hopes the walkers would have more competition and to gain better experience in race walking.

Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia and a group of teachers and parents by assisting in time recording. 

Next race: 3rd JDP - 21 September'13

Click here for Photos 

Click here for Final Result

Updated: 10 July 2013

 2nd Junior Development Program (JDP)2013

29 June 2013, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. It was a sunny Saturday morning and the haze were washed away by the rains the day before the event. A total of 46 walkers took part for the 2nd Junior Development Program (JDP) 2013. Special thanks to our sponsors Nestle Malaysia by providing the milo drinks and t-shirt for the participants.

To improve the athletes, RWAM has created 2nd circuits with much excitement by giving cash incentives to encourage walkers to achieve faster timing and better techniques. Total 5 walkers have achieved this "Best Time Breaker" and our rules are very simple to apply as shown below.

  • Participants must walker faster timing than the previous JDP circuit in 2013.
  • Walkers must participate at least any 2 circuits for entitlement.
  • Total 8 categories. Only 1 winner on each category will receive the cash incentives.
  • Winners will receive RM50.00 Cash on the spot.
  • This cash incentive only valid for JDP 2013.
  • 2nd JDP List of winner for RM50.00 'Best Time Breaker'

So hurry up! 3rd JDP is now open for registration. If overall feedback is positive, RWAM might consider to continue this incentive for the coming 2014 JDP.

Click here for Photos 

Click here for Full Result 

Updated: 6 July 2013


RWAM is pleased to announce Eswaran A/L Rajanderen by winning the 2012 Asean School 5KM - Gold Medal in Surabaya, Indonesia.

As a token of appreciation, Deputy President of RWAM Mr Khoo Chong Beng presented RM1,000 for his outstanding performance. 



19 March, 2013, Tuesday. School around Klang Valley area are now taking pro-active ways to invite RWAM to help students train and know more about race walk. 33 students from SJKC Yoke Nam, Kuala Lumpur was one of the Chinese primary school, invited us to train a group of potential students. With the assistance from Coach Yu Fang (Ex-Malaysia Walkers) and the support from Nestle Malaysia by providing drinks and t-shirt. We conducted this walk with an easy fun way for the students to learn. Any interested schools can now email to us to request a clinic, we are here to assist you.

[Click here] for more photos

Updated: 20/3/2013


Congratulation to 16 walkers taking part in the Basic Race Walking Coaching Course (BRWCC) yesterday 16/3/13 at SJKC Lai Meng, Kuala Lumpur. It was a fun walking course conducted by Mr Khoo Chong Beng, a coach as well as a judge in race walking for more than 30 years experienced. Although this was the only course that RWAM conducted for the year, but we hope the new graduated coaches benefit from the course and able to inspire more about race walking to others.

Click [here] for more photo

Coming up, Junior Development Program (JDP) which will be organize on 13 April 2013 at Tasik Titiwangsa, KL.

Updated: 18/3/2013

3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2012


  1. Uncollected prize money [1st - 50th] Men & Women category. We will inform you the procedure by email. 
  2. Walkers that yet return the "Timing Chip". Kindly return the chip by hand/post to Persatuan Lumba Jalan Kaki Malaysia No. 39, Jalan SS 5A/6, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Or contact 012-2007716 for other arrangement.
  3. Certificates will be mail to walkers before 30/1/2013. (Claus: 8.05 Competitors who cover a distance of 10km or more will be awarded a Certificate of Participation)
  4. Uncollected "Achiever's Medals" - (Men 34Km, Women 28KM) kindly inform us at racewalkermalaysia@gmail.com
  5. Official Result posted shall be final and have no amendments or appeal with the organizer.
  6. Photos, Videos, Final Result Men & Women Open and 50KM can be view here.Source: The Star 17 Dec 2012, Pg 14&15.

3rd Junior Development Program (JDP) 2012

3 Nov 2012, RWAM has successfully completed the Final Circuit of Junior Development Program (JDP) at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa with a total of 32 walkers. Total RM4,500 worth of Cash Prizes + Certificates being given away to the winners who participated overall 3 circuits in 2012.

Please click here for 3rd JDP & Overall Final result.


More photos can be download here!


5 & 6 October 2012, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. RWAM was being invited by Kelantan AAA and a group of veteran walkers to conduct a basic race walking clinic for the School and coming 12 Hours Walk. This group of 20 walkers have participated 12 Hours Walk for the past 3 years and hoping to gain some technique to walk better and faster, most importantly to reduce injuries.

However, the clinic walk for the school was conducted on Saturday morning with 70 junior walkers from 5 different districts of Kelantan. Special thanks to Mr Tan Boon Seng (Kelantan AAA) by inviting the schools, and also Nestle Malaysia by sponsoring T-shirts and Milo Drinks to the juniors walkers.

Click here for more Junior Clinic Walk photos

Click here for more 12 Hour Walk Clinic photos


15 September 2012, Negeri Sembilan. Total 70 junior walkers participated the Negeri Sembilan Walking Championship (NSWC) 2012 at SMK Bukit Mewah, Seremban. Coach Mogan together with the schools has taken some time to conducted a short clinic before the race start. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia by sponsoring Milo T-shirt & drinks to the participants. The schools teacher from SMK Bukit Mewah hope RWAM could continuously organize this meaningful race in coming year 2013.

 Click her for more photos              

Click here for Result

PRESS CONFERENCE- Launching of 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2012

3 September 2012, Putrajaya - Race Walkers' Assoc of Malaysia (RWAM) with Perbadanan Putrajaya officially launched the 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hour 2012 together with the official drink Yeo's H-Two-O Isotonic, Southern Lion, Salonpas, Eagle Brand and others. 

According to 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2012 President, Datuk Eddy Chen this year’s event is set to be bigger with more participants. He announced a total number of 900 walkers have registered the race including 8 countries walkers from Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and India.

Deputy President Mr Khoo Chong Beng said the registration will cut off on 8 November 2012 or once reached 1,200 walkers as the 1km loop may not able to cater more that that amount. 

So, please sign up early as the registration is still open to all.

Updated: 4 Sept 2012

Clinic SMJKC Yu Hua Kajang

 6 & 17 July 2012, Kajang. RWAM has being invited by SMJK Yu Hua Cikgu Ahmad Farid & Cikgu Mohd Romzi to give a basic method of race walking for the teachers and students with age under 18 years old.

"It was great to see teachers are participating with the students to know more about race walking" said Khoo CB.

Here are some photos during the race. View

Zon Keramat Clinic Walk @ Titiwangsa, KL 2012

19 June 2012, 30 schools, 62 Students and 15 Teaches & Parents participated the Zon Keramat Clinic Walk 2012 at Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Click here to view school participated 

A Special thanks to Jabatan Pelajaran Keramat, Kuala Lumpur by inviting RWAM to conduct this meaningful event. Also our main sponsors, Nestle Malaysia by sproviding Milo T-shirt & Drinks to the kids.

Great encouragement from Cikgu Abas, a committee members of RWAM cum sport teachers of SRJKC Lai Meng, KL. It has greatly lighten up the knowledge of the student's interest in race walk. Few talented walkers has specially selected from our National Walking Coach, Ms Yu Fang & Mr Mogan to further developing their walking skills & techniques.

Please click here for more photos.


Update: 6 April 2012, Friday

1st Junior Development Program (JDP) 2012 31 March 2012, 7:00 morning at Taman Astaka, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. RWAM has kick start its 1st Circuit Junior Development Program (JDP) with a total of 73 senior & junior walkers participated.

This circuit has greatly redevelop some walkers' race walking skill as we notice few of our National Walkers Lo Choon Seng, Song Gie Chee and others has join in with the juniors to share their experiences together.

With these passionate walkers, RWAM will keep on conducting, educating and organizing more Race Walking activities for our future Malaysia Walkers.

Downloaded 1st JDP result here   

View more JDP photos here.   

*Please take note, due to some unforeseen circumstances. 2nd Circuit JDP has changed the date from 7 July to 30 June 2012, Saturday. 7am at Taman Astaka, Tasik Titiwangsa.


Update: 26 March 2012, Saturday

3rd Clinic Walk @ Kajang 2012 

With our continuous effort by conducted the 3rd Kajang Clinic on 24 March 2012 at Stadium Kajang, Selangor. It has greatly helped us to re-discover more and more young talented walkers around Kajang area. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia in sponsoring Milo drinks & T-shirt for the kids.

A total of 60 students and teachers have taken initiative in this clinic. 5 schools that have participated in this clinic are SRJK (C) Sungai Chua, SJK (T) Kajang, SK Taman Jasmin, SMK Jalan Bukit and SMK Tinggi Kajang.

During the clinic, coaches from RWAM (Thiru, Mogan & Jagjit) have identified 19 potential walkers to take part on RWAM coming 1st Circuit Junior Development Program (JDP) on 31/3/2012 at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. This will give a great opportunity for new walkers to experience and explore their interest in race walking.

For those walkers which are not selected are also welcome to part on this JDP. Forms can download here.  More 3rd Kajang clinic photos can be view here as well.

 Update: 20 Feb 2012, Saturday

2nd Clinic Walk @ Kajang 2012

18 Feb 2012, another Kajang Clinic Walk was successfully ended with a total of 30 students from SK Jalan Semenyih 2, Kajang. Special thanks to the school principle and Cikgu Tan and our RWAM professional coaches Jagjit Singh (MSN National Coach in Walking) & Thirukumaran (Malaysia National Walker) by giving a fun learning session to the young walkers. 

We will be conducting our Final Kajang Clinic Walk in coming 24 March 2012. Interested walkers, please contact us for more information.

Click here for more photos.




10 ~ 11 December 2011, St. Paul Hill - A Famosa, Malacca, Malaysia


  • Uncollected Cash Prize Winner - Men & Women 12 Hour Walk category from 4th - 50th placing. Kindly email us for further arrangement.
  • Names that have "Chip not return" stated on result list. Kindly return the chip to Persatuan Lumba Jalan Kaki Malaysia No. 39, Jalan SS 5A/6, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Or contact 012-2007716 for other arrangement.
  • Certificates (Claus: 8.05 Competitors who cover a distance of 10km or more will be awarded a Certificate of Participation) will be mail to walkers before 15/1/2012. 
  • Walkers who has qualified the "Achiever's Medals" - (Men 30Km, Women 24KM) and did not collect on 11/12/2011, 8:00am. We will mail together with your Certificate.
  • Official Result posted shall be final and have no amendments or appeal with the organizer. 
  • Final Result Men & Women Open & 50KM [Result]
  • 2nd Melaka Inter. 12 Hour Walk 2011 [Photo]

 Update: 16 Jan 2012, Monday

Clinic Walk @ Kajang 2012

14 Jan 2012, a new year, a new kick start from RWAM.

Kajang Clinic Walk 2012 has successfully ended with a total of 54 students at SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Kajang.

Special thanks to the school principle and Cikgu Mohd Effendi B. Abdul Mukti which had given us this opportunities to educate young talented students to learn and have fun with Walking. 

RWAM professional coaches Jagjit Singh (MSN National Coach in Walking), Mogan (N.S Head Coach), Thirukumaran (Malaysia National Walker) were being invited to give their walking experience to the school.  

With Nestle Malaysia's kind support in sponsoring T-shirt & Drinks for the Walkers, we hope to interest more young students together with teachers who previously never notice walking is such a fun and challenging sport.

Soon we will be conducting another Clinic Walk & Junior Development Programme (JDP) in coming Feb/March 2012. Interested walkers, please contact us.

For more photos, please click here.


Congratulation to Lucky Draw Winner!

Congratulation to lucky draw winner proudly sponsor by Samsung Malaysia. 

  • 1 x Samsung 32' Series 4 LCD TV
  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy S Plus
  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1'

1 Malaysia 1KM Walking Competition 2011

Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia and school kids from SJK(C) Lai Meng,Kuala Lumpur. Head coach Cikgu Abas Bin Kasim.

1 Malaysia 1Km Walk [Photos 

Updated: 16/12/2011 

1 Malaysia 1KM Walk 2011 - Winner.pdf 1 Malaysia 1KM Walk 2011 - Winner.pdf
Size : 193.044 Kb
Type : pdf

Press Conf. Soft Launching 2nd Melaka Inter. 12 Hour Walk.  

Date : 19/10/2011, Wednesday

Venue : Majlis Bandaraya Melaka bersejarah (MBMB)

Time : 11.30am

Photo From Left: En. Fadhil, Tuan Haji Ab Aziz (Pengarah, Hal Ehwal Korporat dan Antarabangsa), En. Ong Tai Chu (Pengarah, Majlis Sukan Negeri Melaka), Chairperson, Tuan Haji Azmi bin Haji Hussain (SU, MBMB), Mr. Anthony Choo (Majlis Jaksa Pendamai Melaka), En. Yap Woon How (Hon. Sec, RWAM), Coach Mogan a/l Rajoo, En. Anipoobarathi dan En. Dhiban Raj (Malaysia National Walkers).

Sponsors: Yeo's H2O Isotonic Water, Delfi Marketing (Eagle Balm & Salonpas), Southern Lion (Shokubutsu, Sport Fresh).


Updated: 24/10/2011

Junior Development Program (JDP) 2011 


3rd JDP Results Report 2011.pdf 3rd JDP Results Report 2011.pdf
Size : 224.151 Kb
Type : pdf

 Well Done... Juniors

Updated: 10/10/2011, Monday

8 Oct 2011, Final 3rd Circuit Junior Development Programme (JDP) 2011 has successfully ended with a total of 54 walkers. Special thanks to Nestle Malaysia for the kind support in sponsoring T-shirt & Drinks for the Walkers.This year we have manage to build many young walkers' interest together with parents who perviously never notice walking is such a fun and challenging sports. Now, after conducted 3 circuits. We've developed few talented walkers to pursuit coming SEA Games 2012 in Indonesia.   

RWAM will continue organize JDP in 2012 and we greatly hope our young future walkers will shine once again in coming SEA Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.

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Update: 7/3/2011, Monday

1st Circuit - JDP 2011

6 March 2011, total of 30 walkers from local schools around klang valley area took part in Junior Development program (JDP) 2011 @ Stadium Bola Sepak Kuala Lumpur, Cheras.

With the support from FTAAA and Nestle Malaysia, this event has greatly attracted walkers from singapore to take part in Team Category. 

Special thanks to the parents and teachers by bring thier kids and students to this JDP. To share, to learn and to walk better together...  For thoes who missed our 1st circuit, we will have our coming 2nd circuit on 5 June & 25 Sept 2011.  

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1st JDP - All Category Results.pdf 1st JDP - All Category Results.pdf
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1st JDP - Team Result.pdf 1st JDP - Team Result.pdf
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Updated 25/6/2011, Saturday 

2nd Circuit - JDP 2011

25 June 2011, another successful JDP has just completed at Taman Astaka, Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 58 walkers has greatly taken part in this Junior Development Programme (JDP).

With the continouse support from recent Clinic Walk organized for Zon Keramat at 23/6/2011. The teachers has taken initiative to encourage thier young walker to learn, to share and mostly creating interest among junior walkers.

Big thank to Nestle Malaysia on supporting the JDP by providing  Milo drinks & T-shirt for the kids.

Next JDP is on 25 September 2011. Registration is Open now!

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2nd JDP Results Report 2011 - Lap Time.pdf 2nd JDP Results Report 2011 - Lap Time.pdf
Size : 232.759 Kb
Type : pdf


The Star Metro, Tuesday July 12, 2011


NATIONAL walkers T. Dhiban Raj and Norliana Muhd Rusni stole the show at the Race Walkers Association of Malaysia (RWAM) second junior development programme at Tasik Titiwangsa in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Dhiban, who is the midst of preparing for the Jakarta SEA Games in November, won the Men’s Open 10,000m while Norliana walked away with the gold medal in the Women’s Open 3,000

Dhiban clocked an impressive 46:32 to finish the race almost two laps ahead of Mohd Aziz Anuar (50:54) and B. Anipoobarathi (53:25).

In the women’s category, Norliana, who hails from Kelantan, started in an impressive mode and led all the way to complete the event in 14:38. Alena Goh Ling Yin, a student of Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) was a distant second on 16:08 followed by Song Gie Chee (16:26).

The programme was organised by the RWAM, with support from Milo, as part of the junior development programme.

RWAM secretary Yap Woon How said the programme was to encourage juniors to be active in race walking.

“We are encouraged with the response from the students. We have very good response from the boys and girls in the Under-12 and Under-15 age groups.

“We hope to see these walkers continue their training and also participate in local age group competitions. Later this year, we will be organising another competition. We expect another encouraging participation,” said Woon How.

Former international R. Mogan, who is now coaching the Negri Sembilan juniors, said it was time for more walking events to be held in the country.

“The RWAM should be praised for their efforts in the promoting race walking among juniors. But the senior walkers will be happy if the 20,000m event is also included in the programme.

“Our walkers will be able to gauge their progress for international competitions like the SEA Games,” said Mogan. 


 23/6/2011, Tuesday

Zon Keramat - Clinic Walk @ Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

21/6/2011, Tuesday: Special thanks to Jabatan Pelajaran Keramat, Kuala Lumpur by inviting RWAM to conduct 2nd Clinic Walk Zone Keramat @ Titiwangsa, KL. With great support by Nestle Malaysia on sponsoring Milo T-shirt & Drinks, also encouragement from Cikgu Abas, a committee members of RWAM cum sport teachers of SRJKC Lai Meng, KL. It has greatly bring up 50 students' interest to take part in this clinic walk. 16 talented walkers has specially selected from our National Walking Coach, Ms Yu Fang & Mr Jagjit Singh to further developing their walking skills & techniques.  

More Clinic walk will be planned for 2012 in Klang Valley!

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18/1/2011, Tuesday

Zon Keramat - Clinic Walk @ SK Taman Melati, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.


*More Photos      : Picasa Race Walker

Total Walkers     :   92 Walkers (Primary & Secondary)
Total Schools     :   35 Primary & Secondary Schools

1.     SMK Setia Wangsa
2.     SMK Convent Bukit Nanas
3.     SMK Seksyen 5
4.     SMK Wangsa Maju Sec. 2
5.     SMK Putri Ampang
6.     SMK Zon R1 Wangsa Melati
7.     SMK Taman Sri Rampai
8.     SMK Putri Titiwangsa
9.     SMK Taman Melati
10.    SMK Perempuan Air Panas
11.    SMK Puteri Wilayah
12.    SMK Tinggi Setapak
13.    SMK Setapak Indah
14.    SMK Padang Tembak
15.    SMK Desa Tun Hussin Onn
16.    SMK Danau Kota
17.    SMK St. John
18.    Sekolah Sukan Wilayah Sri Titiwangsa
19.    SK Desa Setapak
20.    SK Jalan Raja Muda
21.    SK Kampung Baru
22.    SK Convent 1, Bukit Nanas
23.    SK Convent 2, Bukit Nanas
24.    SK Kuantan 2
25.    SK Wangsa Melati 2, R10
26.    SK Jalan Gurney 1
27.    SJKC Mun Yee
28.    SK Datuk Keramat
29.    SK Wangsa Maju 2
30.    SK Jalan Raja Muda
31.    SK Desa Tun Hussin Onn
32.    SK AU Keramat
33.    SK Padang Tembak
34.    SK Setapak
35.    SJKC Nan Kai


1st Malacca International 12 Hour Walk 2010

11 ~ 12 December 2010, St. Paul Hill - A Famosa, Malacca, Malaysia.

 - Updated: 15 Dec 2010-

Men & Women Open + 50KM

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15th Nov 2010, Monday

Press Conference @ Majlis Bandaraya Melaka bersejarah (MBMB)

OFFICIAL SPONSORS - First Melaka International 12 Hour Walk 2010

First roll, middle person: Datuk Yusof bin Jantan, Datuk Bandar Melaka & Y.Bhg Datuk Eddy Chen Lok Loi, President RWAM. 


Friday October 1, 2010 - The Star Newspaper

Dhiban sets personal best time to win 5,000m walk event


NEGRI Sembilan’s T. Dhiban Raj clocked a personal best en route to winning the men’s Open 5,000m walk in the third and final leg of the Race Walkers Association of Malaysia (RWAM) junior development programme at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Dhiban, who won the 20km walk gold medal in the Malaysia Games (Sukma) in Malacca in June, was timed 22:19 in the event. His time was better than his previous best of 22:39.

His coach R. Mogan, the winner of the 10,000m walk gold medal in the Chiangmai SEA Games in 1995, was delighted with his protege’s progress in recent months.

Dhiban was the winner in the 20km walk in the Armed Forces athletics championships in Kuala Lumpur two weeks agoby clocking a personal best of 1’34:00.

 Close tussle: R.Eswaran (in blue) and Afiz Firdaus Kamarazaman involved in a keen battle for the gold medal in the boys’ Under-15 age group.

“I am working towards preparing him for next year’s SEA Games in Indonesia. Based on his tremendous progress, I am confident he will be in a good position to stake a claim to represent Malaysia in the SEA Games,’’ said Mogan.

Mogan was also pleased with his other proteges’ performances in the championships. They are R. Eswaran, B. Anipoobarathi and Hanubarathi.

Eswaran was the winner in the boys’ Under-15 category when he completed the 2,000m walk in 9:18. He was also the overall champion.

Anipoobarathi and Hanubara-thi finished second and third in the overall standing in the boys’ Under-18 3,000m walk.

The RWAM, headed by Datuk Eddy Chen, had initiated the three-leg circuit as a platform for Malaysian walkers to improve. He is also happy with the active participation of former internationals including Mogan, Jagjit Singh, Teoh Boon Lim and B. Thirukumaran playing an active role in the development of race walking at grassroots.

The championships also saw the active participation of SJK (C) Lai Meng, Kuala Lumpur in the Under-12 age group. About 30 participants from the school made their presence felt in both the boys and girls’ 1,200m events.

 Making her move: Nur Fadihilah Nasrul (left) overtakes Muhammad Mirzan Johor Nadim Johor (centre) and Rahmud Budiman Iria.


Men: 1. T. Dhiban Raj 22:19; 2. Muhammad Khairk Harith Harun 23:41; 3. Mohd Azize Anuar 26:36

Overall champion: T. Dhiban Raj

Women: 1. Norliana Muhd Rusni 15:36; 2. Song Gie Chee 16:46; 3. Lee Shew Keng 18:57

Overall champion: Norliana Muhd rusni


Under-12: 1. Rahmad Budiman Iria 8:14; 2. Muhammad Mirzan Johor Nadim Johor 8:27; 3. Bernard Lee Jun Yi 8:39

Overall champion: Rahmad Budiman Iria

Under-15: 1. R. Eswaran 9:16; 2. Afiz Firdaus Kamarazaman 9:18; 3. S. Puwaneswaran 11:37.

Overall champion: R. Eswaran

Under-18: 1. N. Satyaraj 15:13; 2. B. Anipoobarathi 15:35; 3. Muhamad Akram Ismail 16:23

Overall champion: N. Satyaraj


Under-12: 1. Nur Fadihilah Nasrul 8:35; 2. Belinda Ng Xin Yi 9:09; 3. Nur Farzanah Nasrul 9:14

Overall champion: Nur Fadihilah Nasrul

Under-15: 1. Elena Goh Ling Yin 10:58; 2. Aina Fadlin Syahmina Abas 12:26; 3. How Leey Shiaan 14:40.

Overall champion: Elena Goh

Under-18: 1. Nur Aisyah Ahmat 16:21; 2. Loh Chooi Feim 17:51; 3. Yap Hui Shan 20:52.

Overall champion: Norliana Muhd Husni


 Update: 28/9/2010, Monday

Final Circuit - Result

Junior Development Program (JDP) 2010

Final Junior Development Program has sucessfully completed on Sunday. 26/9/2010. Early morning 6.30am, approx 40 talented walkers gathered around Stadium Bola Sepak, Kuala Lumpur to gear up for the final JDP circuit of the year. Special thank to our official sponsor Nestle Malaysia - Milo by making this event more meaningful.

Result: 1st, 2nd and 3rd JDP Circuit

1st JDP Result.pdf 1st JDP Result.pdf
Size : 0.152 Kb
Type : pdf
2nd JDP Result.pdf 2nd JDP Result.pdf
Size : 0.148 Kb
Type : pdf
3rd JDP Result.pdf 3rd JDP Result.pdf
Size : 0.143 Kb
Type : pdf
1+2+3 JDP Winnier Result.pdf 1+2+3 JDP Winnier Result.pdf
Size : 0.23 Kb
Type : pdf



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MTR Hong Kong Race Walking 2010

RWAM has being invited by the Hong Kong Amature Athletic Association (HKAAA) to take part on a race walking event "MTR Hong Kong Rce Walking 2010" held on 18th April 2010 in central, the finance centre of Hong Kong.

International walker from Korea, China, Australia and Japan was being invited to this prestige event to share and experience in race walking.  

RWAM has given opportunity to our elite walker Mr.Dhiban Raj & Ms. Norliana bt Mohd Rusni to take part on this event. Without regret, Mr. Dhiban Raj won 4th placing with his personal best timing 45m 35s on Men ELITE 10KM. However, Ms. Norliana bt Mohd Rusni, Malaysia won 3rd Placing with 55m 39s.

Click here for more MTR photos.


Klang Clinic Walk- 28/2/2010Updated: 3rd March 2010

RWAM has just completed a clinic walk last week Sunday, 28th Feb at Sukan Komplex Pandanmaran, Klang. This clinic was headed by our former Malaysia SEA Game gold medalist walker Mr. Narinder Sign & Ms. Chen Tong Lean.

This clinic was officiated by YB. Tuan Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Adun Pandamaran at 8am with great words of encouragement to the 34 young walkers from primary and secondary schools.  

Special thank to Nestle (M) Sdn Bhd & Persatuan Kebajikan India Malaysia (PKIM) in providing the venue and refreshment to the walkers. With the great support, coach Narinder & Chen is planning another clinic walk on this year September 2010.

RWAM welcomes all interested walkers in klang to take part in the coming event.

**For more photos please [click here].



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